samedi 19 juin 2010

Genuilder.Extensibility is not sexy !


I just see that my article on CodeProject did not attract lots of reader. I thought that was my best work !

I'm wondering if I can't make things a bit more sexy, like a UI to activate features and plugins on your projects.

This UI will automatically take sources on CodePlex, compile, and pakage all files your projects need to run their features.

Anyway, the interface must be sexy, it seems that it gets more reader ! ;)

4 commentaires:

  1. Nicolas, as you know I think its very cool, but I don't think the GUI is the main problem (its a little ugly) - the problem is that the new article doesn't tell the reader what is possible with Genuilder, just how to do it.

    A tutorial walking through the creation of something cool that can be done with Genuilder.Extensibility (even one of the OOTB extensions)could help fire peoples imaginations. At the end have a list of other ideas for plugins to inspire people.

  2. Yes Harry, it's what I thought also !
    I'll work on it the next week, this week I create a GUI to easily select which feature someone want to activate on their project.

    But I think you are right, and when I thought about some use case, I have seen that some things are missing from Genuilder... for example we can't log errors in MSBuild, we can't access the config file either.

  3. No in fact you are right, I'll start by creating a cool feature ;)

  4. I just found out about Genuilder. It totally rocks dude - epic work!!