samedi 13 novembre 2010

FileBackingStore for enterprise library 5.0

Here is a FileBackingStore for the caching application block of enterprise library 5.0, I think some people need it.
I just took the source of IsolatedStorageBackingStore, and make it compiles for Files/Directory.

Hope you'll like it.

mardi 20 juillet 2010

How to overcome the programmer's block ?

Have you already suffered from the programmer's block ?
This is the same thing as the writer's block but for programmers !

  • You have work to do, but you can't decide where to start.

  • You write two lines of code, but remove them 2 minutes later because you need to refactor the code you already refactored 3 minute earlier.

  • You write lots of interfaces without implementation, and remove them 2 minutes later because they don't seem necessary after all.

I'm a developer and to be honest, user interface design was really not my main concern.
But over time, I've seen that clients don't care about my code, and that this crappy Photoshop designer was getting more credit than me because he can make the client dreams in 2 hours of work.

I've seen enterprise selling products with nothing more than a pretty powerpoint presentation and three screenshots made with Photoshop of what they are going to develop.

Now, I try to make my own business and I start to understand.
As an entrepreneur, my main concern was to know if my idea was going to work with the least amount of work I can.

I don't know how to use Photoshop, but I'm pretty good with Visual Studio and I started to create an horizontal mockup of my product in Silverlight.

And this is what I learnt :

  • Going from what the user sees to your code is easier than the contrary.

  • Ignoring all good coding practices is the key to be a better user interface designer.

It makes meaning since your brain is only focused on one task : make your interface beautiful.

In only 2 days of work, I was able to make a potential client to dream, and, the most important is that I removed useless features before developing them.

And now I have a clear goal .
Page after page, layer after layer, the mockup is becoming a prototype, I clean my code, move the hard coded data, and I can finally focus on good coding practices since my user interface is already done.

If your goals are clear, you will not suffer from the programmer's block.

jeudi 15 juillet 2010

Why are you wasting your time learning without using your new skills ?

I don't know if you have the same problem as me. Your room is filled with programming books. You probably already read all of them, partially at least.

Maybe there is also some artificial intelligence books and data mining books, some image analysis books also.

And what about the ones about DSL and compilers theory, that's just here too, it was fun to learn, you probably loved that too !

And now, I'm asking you -I ask to myself too- : "Why am I always coding these business apps of the hell ?"

"Why am I not using all my knowledge ?"

In my case I wrote this blog because I wanted so much to use all what I learnt and to share fun and crazy projects with everyone. To be honest, until now, I've failed.

So from now, I propose : "If you read a book, don't read a new one until you have used what you have just learnt."

If you had fun learning your new skills, you'll have fun to test and share them.

Yes, that's also my new resolution !

vendredi 9 juillet 2010

ThicknessAnimation in Silverlight

Well, no such thing exist in Silverlight, but maybe some of you can be interested by a workaround.

You'll be able to easily animate Margin, Padding or BorderThickness.

It's on CodeProject.

lundi 28 juin 2010

Need feature idea to implement with Genuilder.Extensibility !!!!

Epic fail ! My article on strongly typed AppSettings is not a success.

I need a killer feature to implement with it, any idea ?

dimanche 27 juin 2010

Genuilder.Extensibility use case, Strongly typed AppSettings !

I just finished an article which show how to use Genuilder to generate code based on the config file.
It's on CodeProject.

I also released Genuilder 1.3 with
-some bug fixes,
-integration with MSBuild (a logger to send warning and error)
-Include the config file in the CodeItems tracked by Genuilder.

It's on CodePlex !

samedi 19 juin 2010

Genuilder.Extensibility is not sexy !


I just see that my article on CodeProject did not attract lots of reader. I thought that was my best work !

I'm wondering if I can't make things a bit more sexy, like a UI to activate features and plugins on your projects.

This UI will automatically take sources on CodePlex, compile, and pakage all files your projects need to run their features.

Anyway, the interface must be sexy, it seems that it gets more reader ! ;)